It’s summer. How about a barbecue?

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It’s summer. How about a barbecue?

Sun and warmth go hand in hand with family and friends. And nothing better than a barbecue to bring everyone together and spend some funny and tasty moments.

To make sure that everything goes the way you want, we have prepared  a list with some suggestions that you should take into consideration when preparing your meal.

Separate raw food from cooked food.

Golden rule in any kitchen, in the preparation of a barbecue you should also follow this standard.

Always keep raw and cooked meat separate and keep uncooked meat, fish and vegetables separate from each other during preparation.

Cut the meat the right way.

Each type of meat may require specific care with the cut, respecting the direction of its fibers and thus preserving its juiciness. This is a question that must be taken into account when serving the meat that has been prepared.

Keep the meat at an adequate distance from the oven.

One of the greatest flaws in a barbecue is to place the meat at an inappropriate height when taking it to the grill. It is important to consider the objective when preparing the meat. Thus, for pieces that will only be grilled or sealed, the ideal distance from the fire is 15 cm. For larger pieces that need more time in the fire, choose a distance between 40 and 60 cm from the fire.

Cook the meat with their own fat.
The fat has a large share in the flavor of the meat that goes to the grill, in addition to significantly influencing to prevent it from drying out.

Taking the fat out of the meat to make it healthier or lighter can destroy its taste. Therefore, it is recommended that you always cook with the fat, removing it only at the time of the meal.

Meat, meat and more meat. Why not fish?

Although typically associated with meat, the truth is that barbecues are a perfect match for fish. Trout, salmon or sea bream are just some of the suggestions.

The secret is in the marinade.

In addition to intensifying food knowledge, marinade also serves to ensure that flavours are not eliminated by adding smoke. So, in addition to letting it rest for a few hours, save some marinade and brush the meat or fish every 10 minutes while you cook. This will add moisture and allow caramelization in a gentle way, giving your barbecue a distinct taste.

Use the right instruments.

To avoid losing juices when you turn the meat or vegetables, always turn them using tweezers or a spatula instead of a fork.

Don’t forget the side dishes.

Essential if you want a complete, balanced and varied meal. You can choose to add rice or the potato. Or, why not innovate with couscous or lentils?

You can also add vegetables to your meal. Know that watercress or arugula are an excellent accompaniment to meats, for its more intense taste, but you can also cook eggplant or peppers, which are perfect on the grill.

If you want to dare a little more, try cooking fruit as well. Banana, mango or pineapple are perfect for your meal.

With these tips, you’ll be able to prepare a delicious barbecue. The imagination is up to you. The tools to make the best barbecue can only be found in Roxa.

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