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The brand Roxa was founded in 1908 at the initiative of António Fertuzinhos. His entrepreneurial and technical vision enabled the usage of the driving force of the Febras River, an affluent of the Ave River, to significantly improve the cutlery utensils sharpening and polishing process. The production of the items under the brand Roxa was mainly destined to mainland Por-tugal, but also to the former Portuguese colonies.António Fertuzinhos was one of the first industrialists to use electric power, and in 1943 he requested the installation of a dynamo in his mill to generate electric power to light his workshop.The relaunching of this brand in 2018 is meant to mark its centenary, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Cristema, the trademark holder. Roxa’s mission is to provide our customers with a wide range of bold, high quality household utensils. To associate our prod-ucts to a century-old brand is a privilege to us, but it is also a great sense of responsibility and commitment to keep it as an industry benchmark.